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Natural Sciences students presented a wide range of research findings at the conference.

Natural Sciences students showcase diverse research

Natural Sciences students at the University of Exeter have presented a wide range of research at a special event.

The Natural Sciences Student Conference saw 2nd-, 3rd- and 4th-year students all presenting the results from their research projects through posters and talks at the Living Systems Institute.

The projects covered a diverse range of subjects, including mathematical modelling of Alzheimer’s disease, climate change, and developments in nanoscience.

Lucy Hawkett, 20, a 3rd-year MSci Natural Sciences student, said: “The conference has been a lot of fun but really useful too. My project is about cancer diagnosis but there’s such a variety of topics on show here, I’ve learnt loads today.”

The event was designed to replicate a typical scientific conference to prepare the students for future careers in science.

Simon Lance, 22, a 3rd-year MSci Natural Sciences student, said: “It’s really nice to see everybody’s research summed up in a poster and to get the opportunity to learn what people have been studying over the past year.

“Having this conference is really good practice for my future; I want to stay in academia and complete a PhD and in doing this I’m sure I’ll be going to lots of conferences. This event has given me valuable presentation and networking practice which is great.”

Professor Geoff Nash, Director of Natural Sciences, said: “In Natural Sciences our students get really involved in research from across the University. We have projects here covering topics in Biosciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and the Medical School.

“We are trying to make today as much like a real conference as possible to give our students that extra experience for their future careers in science, be that in industry or academia.”

Date: 8 June 2017

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